Goddess-in-me is a curriculum for women’s empowerment. We use the most comprehensive tools and techniques available to release the beautiful and radiant Goddess that has been patiently waiting to be set free.

Goddess training embraces spiritual exploration, an understanding of the power of your desires, examining the story  you tell yourself about yourself, working emotions through your body and exploring tools that turn on the beautiful, audacious Goddess-in-you to the world.

One of the fun tools in our approach is to use Greek Goddess archetypes in order to unlock a woman’s true potential and soul’s purpose. Which Goddess do you think you are closest to;  The Virgin Goddesses Artemis, Hestia, Athena? The Vulnerable Goddesses Demeter, Hera,and Persephone? or maybe the Alchemical Goddess Aphrodite?  We will explore the characteristics of these Goddesses to see which one(s) resonates most with you. 

Goddess-in-Me Curriculum


Examining  Goddess Archetypes

Goddess 101 

Stillness and Mindfulness

The “Selfs” part 1, Esteem, Awareness, Confidence

The “Selfs” part 2   Nurture, Care, Compassion

Goddess 201

Discovering Your Aphrodite

The Pleasure Principle – Desire

Journey into “Owning It”

Goddess 301

Celebrating your Beauty and Body

Judgement and Fear

Inviting Abundance