The mission of GoddessMe is to remind every woman that she is a Goddess!

What is GoddessMe?

GoddessMe is a women’s empowerment coaching company. We offer a one on one experience with a trained professional that fosters individual, and spiritual growth while achieving personal and professional goals. 

Why all this Goddess language?

We use Goddess language because we know there is a Goddess in everywoman and we want to go there to embrace and celebrate her!

When we are reminded of our Feminine Divinity we get reacquainted with our magnificent brilliance.

What is Goddess coaching?

Goddess coaching is the journey to getting crystal clear on your heart and soul’s deepest desires with a whole lot of sexy fun along the way.  It is about  rediscovering your beautiful femininity, strength, clarity, compassion, desire, gratitude and truest expression of what is in your heart.

Coaching you!

Using the most advanced coaching principals, tools and best practices we explore who you really are and awaken intuition and joy as you step into the Goddess that you are.

 We bring spiritual exploration, female empowerment, practical and pragmatic goal setting, a little bit of sass and a whole lot of fun to the journey of self-discovery.

We offer:

Goddess Coaching

Goddess Mentorship

 The Goddess Curriculum

Goddess Mentorship for Start- up Entrepreneurs


It’s the fire in my eyes,

And the flash of my teeth,

The swing in my waist,

And the joy in my feet

I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman

That’s me.

Maya Angelou, excerpt from Phenomenal Woman


My passion is to serve and co-create with you, because, whether you believe it or not, you are a Goddess.  I am here to facilitate the journey back to the incredible, blissful, enlightened, connected, sexy, audacious, bodacious, courageous…YOU!”

Penny Mancuso, ACC Certified Life Coach