About Me

Hi and welcome my name is Penny Mancuso and I am a Certified Personal and Transformational Coach as well as a  Goddess Coach.

I LIVE an interesting, full and resplendent life.  I am loving, nurturing, courageous and possess deep compassion, wisdom and empathy.

I LOVE passionately and fiercely with every cell of me.  My heart is radiant, full, soft, gentle and open at all times to the wonder that is.

I LEAD with presence, boldness, embodiment and empowerment.  I lead in ways that foster intuition, community, creativity and compassion.


Here is my story…


I have always been on the lookout for Goddesses.  All my life I’ve been meeting women and thinking “yup…she’s a Goddess!”  It didn’t have anything to do with what she looked like per se, but more about a special power she emanated. This was the kind of woman that, when she walked away from a conversation, would elicit a “WOW!  Feminine, fierce, proud, intelligent, compassionate, and sexy with a subtle dose of bitchery, this woman was turned on, and tuned in!  I have been collecting Goddesses my whole life as is witnessed by my obsession with Sophia Loren, Anita Ekberg, and of course, Aphrodite. My long red hair pays playful tribute to the iconic Birth of Venus painting by Botticelli.

The idea for GoddessMe was born out of a series of personal and professional challenges I experienced in 2017.  While some may say that the call to Goddess came a- knockin’,  in my case, it not only broke the door – it burned the whole house down!  The “self”  I had so carefully cultivated through marriage, family, career, social status and friends systematically disappeared when The Universe firmly pressed RESET on my life.  With my external landscape so permanently altered, I realized everything I had based my identity on was shattered, the Penny Mancuso that I had always known was no more. With this new reality, I needed to grab hold of something that would help me weave through an impenetrable fog.  I felt alone, embracing a self imposed trilogy of shame, fear and anxiety. I went deep within myself because there was no place left to go. 

It was during this time that a book that had been sitting unread for years fell off the shelf. It was called ‘Goddess In Everywoman’, by Jean Shinoda Bolen MD and I started casually reading. This book inspired my interest in Goddess Archetypes, and how the power of myth can reveal intimate truths about ourselves and provoke powerful insights into our positive and negative tendencies. Pretty exciting stuff! I’ve always felt that my life was mythical anyway, both in the positive and negative!  But something had stirred inside me, and I needed to learn more.  My journey to reconnect to my power and Goddess Self had begun.  Perhaps there was a whole lot of Aphrodite and a few other Goddesses leading the way!

Throughout my quest, I was transformed from a victim of circumstances to an understanding of it.  I realized that spirit and soul are not beholden to anything external, only to the love that exists within.  I understood that my life was entering a third chapter, one of service, and I needed to use my experience and wisdom to illuminate a path for others. There was a  “Goddess in Everywoman” and that’s why the book made itself known to me!  I want to share with women that there is a magnificent power source, a superpower charge located deep inside, like it was in me, flickering at times, but mostly sitting dimmed.

During this time, I worked with incredibly insightful life coaches and became very interested in something I had been doing naturally for over 20 years as an executive, which was identifying, developing, nurturing  and mentoring talent. I embarked on a rigorous course of study with the International Coaching Federation as well as learnt new and interesting modalities in Sedona, Arizona and New York.

In searching for my Goddess, much like Demeter has to go to Hades and conquer the underworld, I had a painful, thoroughly unexpected adventure with many twists and turns.   In doing so, I rediscovered my authenticity, and that is where I found  her.  A little neglected, but she was there .. this light…GODDESS ME!   SHE is who I am, strength, vulnerability, resilience, passion,  compassion, wisdom, forgiveness and infinite love. 

It is my passion to light the way for any woman who feels dimmed, scared, confused or alone and to remind her that yes, there is  a Goddess inside her too.  Just like there was in me, waiting to be set free and when she is released… she is  … WOW !

And in doing so, I get to continue my own adventure of discovering kick ass Goddesses everywhere!

WIth Love

Penny Mancuso